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JetX is a crash game created by Smartsoft Gaming. The release took place in 2019. According to the developer, the emulator has brought gambling to a new level. The tool is not like classic slots: the user gets more control and can stop the round whenever they decide. The player wins if they manage to take the money before the plane explodes.

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Great graphics and simple rules are the features the game has. The amount of wins is not limited. The size of the prize depends not only on the luck of the user but also on their intuition and reaction speed. Simplified gameplay and clear gameplay make it possible even for beginners to win.

JetX game information

🎮 Game typeCrash game
📺 Developer gameSmartSoft Gaming
🚀 Game objectReactive plane
📈 JetX RTP97%
🔻 Minimum factorx1,00
💰 Minimum bet0,1€
💰 Maximum bet600€
💵 Max winx100
🎲 JetX DemoYes
📱 DevicesPC, Smarphone, Tablet
🌌 Game analogsSpace XY, Aviator, Lucky Aviator, Zeppelin, Lucky Crumbling, AviatriX
📖 LanguagesAll languages ​​depending on the country, the main (RU, UA, PT, AZ, KZ, ES, UZ, EN)
💾 JetX game technologyHTML5, JavaScript

The essence of the JetX game

The essence of the JetX game

Picking up the money and having time before the plane crashes is the player’s main aim. Two crash modes are supported – manual and automatic. In the manual mode, the visitor of the online casino monitors the movement of the aircraft on the playing field, and at a certain moment clicks the “Collect” button. If he manages to cash out the bet before the plane crashes, he receives a payout.

JetX is an exciting game that constantly keeps the player in good shape and has pleasant tension. The lift height of the aircraft is not limited, and the win rate is infinite. You can’t find out in advance when the plane explodes. It can happen with an x1.00 multiplier as well. If intuition gives the right advice, the player wins. If not, they lose money.

The option of two rates at the same time is supported. In real-time mode, the player can try to take the winnings and specify the coefficient, upon reaching which the plane will not fall. If the reaction is quick and the forecast is correct, you will be able to get two payouts in one round.

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How to play JetX and win

The Smartsoft Gaming developer allows players to manage the process. The user can withdraw the winnings at any time up to the plane crash point.

Demo mode and real money are two betting options available In both cases, the algorithm of actions is the same. To start the game you will need:

The plane may explode at any moment. The multiplier grows exponentially and shows how much the bet will increase. It is important to track the object, trust your intuition, but stop in time in order to not lose money.

How to place a bet

Before starting to play, the user must place a bet. The minimum amount is a $0.10 bet. The outcome of the round or certain numbers is available options. The amount of winnings depends on the size of the bet and the height the plane will have time to take off to till the moment the player stops the round.

Withdrawal Methods

The machine supports two ways: the player may choose manual or automatic withdrawal. The game provides both options in one session.

How to place a bet

Withdraw yourself

After activating the game, the plane takes off, and the player monitors the process. It is important to have time to get out of the round before the explosion happens. To do this, click “Get”. The amount of the bet will be multiplied by the coefficient the plane managed to rise. It increases rapidly along with the climb in air transport. The manual method is especially fascinating: the user is constantly involved in the process and keeps abreast.

Automatic withdrawal

The option provides the target multiplier setting. It is not necessary to follow the movement of the ship. The player determines in advance the level the object will fly to. If the coefficient is reached during the flight, the game will stop and the system will automatically payout.


JetX casino game

Choosing a winning strategy JetX

The JetX game is powered by an RNG (Random Number Generator). The virtual plane explodes at different heights. It is difficult to predict when a crash occurs. However, to increase the chance of winning a prize, players use various strategies.

The most effective users name tactics are:

Choosing a winning strategy

  1. A big bet on a small multiplier and a second small one on a high multiplier. The player places a high bet and selects a low odd using the auto-withdrawal option, then wagers a lower amount but a high multiplier. This approach will allow you to level losses due to profit from one or both rates. It is important to achieve recurring prizes, then you will be able to win more. Betting on large odds will help you achieve your goal at a minimal cost.
  2. Martingale method in JetX game. The tactics are risky as the casino does not guarantee any payments. The rules are simple: you need to determine the base amount. If you lose, it increases by 2 times, when you receive a prize, the player returns to it. If you calculate the limits based on the rules of money management, the chances of getting into a plus increase.

These strategies do not guarantee winnings. It is not worth risking everything at once. It is important to determine the limits and not go beyond them.

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The JetX game professionals’ recommendations

The device has simple rules and can bestow large payouts. To win at JetX, you should listen to the advice of professionals:

  1. The goal of the game is to make a profit. You don’t have to wait until the very end. You should manually pick up the prize as soon as possible before the jet plane crashes. It is better to receive a smaller payout than to lose the wagered money.
  2. Be patient and don’t take big risks. Online casinos have an advantage: the RTP of a slot is always less than 100%. Do not give in to excitement. It is recommended to learn how to stop the game process in time.
  3. The auto-withdrawal option helps to minimize risks and losses.
  4. A volatile style of play gives good results. However, the system is associated with certain risks. With a series of losses, it is better to stop the process by visiting a virtual casino on another day.
  5. The Martingale strategy is a risky tactic. It is relevant to calculate correctly the bankroll to avoid losses.

The JetX game professionals’ recommendations

JetX is just a game, don’t take it seriously. You may break the jackpot by having a competent approach to the use of funds, bets, and gambling in general.

Our conclusions about the JetX game

The increased interest in the emulator is because the player is constantly involved in the process. If in classic slots, the user spins the reel and waits for the result, here you have to actively monitor the gameplay intending to react in time.

JetX game from Smartsoft Gaming studio is a game with high financial risks. The return is less than 95%. It means that in any case, the casino will win. Nevertheless, the plane takes off and falls randomly. Therefore, each player has a chance to win.

To minimize costs, you should use popular strategies and manage your deposit responsibly. If you follow our recommendations, you will be able to increase your capital. Try strategies at low stakes, test different tactics, and increase your chances of winning!

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Players

What is a JetX game?

JetX is a slot machine created by Smartsoft Gaming. It refers to the type of fast games. The goal is to return the bet with the maximum multiplier. Unlike the usual slots, the player can stop the game and take the winnings at any point before the plane crashes.

How to play JetX?

Demo and real money are two modes available. In both versions, there are two options for withdrawing prizes. They are manual and automatic. You can simultaneously bet on a certain coefficient and pick up the prize yourself.

Is it possible to win playing JetX?

The answer is «YES». The chances of winning are quite high. The coefficient varies from 0 to infinity. This means that there is no limit on the bet multiplier.

How to withdraw winnings in JetX?

Upon receipt of a prize, the amount is automatically transferred to the player's account. Money is available for withdrawal in an online casino in a standard way. You will need to create an application in your account.

How to play JetX for free?

The device supports demo mode. You will need to select it in the online casino when you start the game.

How do I fund my JetX account?

It is necessary to register on the website of the online casino, go to the «Payments» section, select the «Deposit» tab, select a convenient payment method, specify the details, and amount, and confirm the action. Funds are instantly credited to the balance and are available to try playing Jet X.

What is the minimum bet amount in the Jet X game?

It is 0.1 €.

What is the max amount to bet in JetX?

it is 600 €.

How to play the JetX crash game on a smartphone?

The slot was created using HTML5 technology. Runs on PC, and portable devices. To play via a smartphone, you need to visit the online casino site in the browser, select the JetX crash game and activate it.

How are JetX winnings calculated?

Prizes are calculated according to classical mechanics which is the bet amount multiplied by the coefficient.

Jackpots at JetX

The device supports the Galaxy Jackpot option. The cumulative prize drops randomly. The minimum bet must be 1€, and the odds at the time the round is stopped must be higher than x1.5.

How to win playing the JetX game?

No one guarantees payouts. It is important to have time to pick up the money before the plane crashes. The player can increase the chances of making a profit. Popular strategies, principles of responsible gaming, and money management rules help to reduce financial risks.


Antony Crisbo is an iGaming professional and expert. He is a certified lecturer with certificates in the field of gambling. He is one of the best experts in roulette, poker and baccarat. Since the release of the JetX game (24.01.2019) - dedicated to teaching crash games and in particular the JetX game. To this day, I help gamers in gaining gaming experience and also do strategy development.