Play JetX at 1Win Online Casino

The 1win casino collection includes a wide range of gambling games. There are lots of different genres of well-known developers. The advantages include original stories, an intuitive interface, and three-dimensional graphics. The game is available at any time of the day.

play jetx 1win

Play JetX 1win

The assortment includes a JetX slot machine. Its release took place in April 2021. Smartsoft Gaming specialists developed the slot. It is fundamentally different from analogs. There are no mechanics typical for slots.

Play JetX 1win

The principle of the game is similar to Aviator. The difference lies in a more colorful interface. Management is precise on an intuitive level. The accompanying instruction is published in Russian. The gameplay has become more dynamic.

JetX Game: Theory and Practice

After loading, a gray-blue sky with balloons appears on the screen, through which a rocket flies. It explodes as soon as it reaches the right edge of the display. During the flight, players listen to calm futuristic music. Immediately after the start, the size of the winnings and the chances of receiving it increases.

JetX Game Theory and Practice

Play JetX 1win

The rate from 0.1 to 100 DMO is selected using plus and minus. These keys are on the menu bar. After adjusting the amount, the user independently controls the game process. You can stop at any moment. The value of the multiplier needs to become the maximum.

The game is different from standard slots. There are no reels and lines in the structure. The dispersion is not published on the developer’s website. The results of each round depending on the RNG. In theory, the user independently decides on two questions. The first is the size of the bet (selected taking into account the budget). The second is the time the round is interrupted.

In practice, the situation becomes simpler. The user enters the runway. The plane is preparing to take off. Before the start of the round, the player makes a bet. As in the Aviator game, immediately after takeoff, the coefficient begins to grow. It is important to stop the flight in time.

Start game JetX

Events unfold in two ways. The first case happens if the button was pressed at the maximum increase in the coefficient. The selected amount is multiplied by it (the bet played). The second is an explosion. In this case, the money is burnt. The win is determined as follows: the bet is multiplied by the multiplier. The user independently calculates the size of the probable winnings.


Play JetX 1win

It is important to cash out before the explosion. Otherwise, the money goes to the casino fund. The time of each session is different. In some cases, the plane’ flight requires time. The user has a chance to stop it. In another game, the flight is short. The multiplier is not always much higher than the amount of the bet. It is important to stop the plane before the explosion. If there is a fail, the bet is forfeited.

JetX at 1win online casino: how to play?

There are two search options on the 1win website. The first is to write the name of the game in the corresponding line. It may be copied. The machine is displayed immediately after pressing the corresponding key. The second is to perform a series of actions:

The download starts after clicking on the image with the logo (the bet is placed after it is completed). Without authorization in your account, a demo version is loaded. When testing it, revolving credits are used for bets. DMOs are automatically credited. There are 2,000 of them. The balance is restored immediately after the page is refreshed.

JetX at 1Win online casino how to play

Play JetX 1win

After the authorization on the site using a login and password, real bets are placed. The control keys are under the playing field. You may immediately make two bets (they might be different). Amounts are selected using plus and minus. The round begins after the automatic start of the aircraft. The latter is stopped manually. It is necessary to choose the right moment and click on “Pick up”.

If two bets are made, the button must be pressed under each. You can set the ability to automatically end the game when the coefficient reaches the set size. Multipliers are displayed in the center of the main field. On the right, there are the bet amounts (own and selected by other users).

There are auxiliary buttons in the upper right corner. Speaker is used to muting the sound or adjust its volume. After pressing the “I” key, the page with the rules opens. There is a separate tab with statistics.

jetx game at casino 1win

Play JetX 1win

1Win casino visitors have access not only to the gaming platform. The user can run the machine on different devices. These are either a computer, laptop, or smartphone (in an adaptive mobile version or a downloadable application). The developer has used the HTML 5 and js platforms. Fast loading of the slot is guaranteed at low internet speeds.

The user may play from anywhere. For example, while traveling. The interface from the computer version is compact. The screen is placed in a horizontal position. In this case, the control keys look larger. They are sensory. Manipulations are performed by pressing with a finger.

Advantages and disadvantages of the JetX game

The game becomes exciting. The principle is clear even to beginners. The mechanics are simple. The purpose of the keys with Russian-language names is clear on an intuitive level. Users do not need to read the rules. There is a demo version. A beginner makes up to 10 trial games for credits or with a minimum bet. Further, the amount at stake increases.

Advantages and disadvantages of the JetX game


Play JetX 1win

The design is universal. The main field is in the center of the screen. There is the control panel below. The pluses include:

These benefits have been proven in practice. Cons each player determines for himself. These include the absence of bonuses. The user can only win the jackpot. It is not recommended to play by strategies. They do not work.

There are more pros. Each player may check them. A professional will not pay attention to shortcomings. For example, not everyone needs a bonus game. It is important to get used to a short cycle. There is no time to think.

Winning at JetX

Play JetX 1win

How to participate in the jackpot draw? You must first activate the corresponding feature. The minimum bet is 1 DMO (otherwise the option does not work). 1.24% of the amount goes to the formation of the prize fund. It increases every minute thanks to contributions made by other players.

If you bet with a multiplier of 2, the RTP (Return to Player which is the theoretical return) increases to 97%. When you win the jackpot, the lucky person gets only 70% of the amount. The remaining 30% goes to replenish the prize pool for the next draw.

Recommendations for a successful game in JetX

The JetX slot machine at 1Win casino is at the peak of popularity. The round ends favorably for many players. There are two secrets to success. The first is placing minimum bets. It is desirable to stop the flight while the coefficient remains small. The risk of an aircraft explosion is minimized. Losses become rare. The balance is growing slowly but steadily.

Recommendations for a successful game in JetX

Play JetX 1win

The second secret is a sufficient budget. Money comes with patience. You need to bet slightly above the minimum for a long time. The professional waits until the last moment for the multiplier to grow. The risk is justified by the possibility of getting a big win.

Patience is difficult to attribute to constant values. It is necessary to correctly allocate monetary resources using that or this method. The more money on the balance, the higher the chances of receiving the total winnings. Big losses are rare. The user receives moral and material satisfaction playing the game.

JetX Demo at 1win Online Casino: Free Play

The 1Win casino website provides a demo version of the JETX slot machine for testing purposes. The user studies the interface keys and checks the chances of winning. The player may feel the game and get the hang of stopping the plane. Do you like this slot? If yes, you may move on to real bets.

Play JetX 1win

The interface is the same as in the full version. It consists of the main field with an aircraft and a control panel. The only difference is for betting.


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