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New slots appear in the Cbet catalog every day. The release of some machines goes unnoticed. The reason is that they have not been expected. Other games immediately make a splash among users. These include the game JetX, developed by a Chinese company. Beginners can pre-read the rules and familiarize themselves with the mechanics.

First, you need to go to the official website of Cbet. This casino is considered a high-quality gaming platform with original novelties. The Cbet JetX slot is not an exception. It appeared in the spring of 2021. The developer is SmartSoft. It is a new version of the Aviator machine, which has been tested for a year now. The development has been successfully made.

Slot JetX

JetX Cbet

The flying plane game ranks first in popularity. It might be found using the search bar. On other official sites, the picture is no different. The slot is launched by users of all categories (beginners and advanced). What is the secret of success?

The JetX Cbet review

JetX is a game suitable for placing real bets. There are no lines and reels, there are no rows with thematic symbols. On the main field, there is only a plane taking off. The gameplay is unique. Instead of spinning the reels, there are dynamics. The gain depends on the speed reaction (when the aircraft is stopped manually). Players must be patient and prudent.

The JetX Cbet review

Jet X Cbet

RNG is a secondary matter. It is used like in other virtual casino games. Randomness fades into the background, as users can stop the flight themselves. Thanks to the new concept, the probability of winning increases. By stopping the plane manually, casino visitors can see a concrete result. This is the motivation for placing real bets.

The high probability of success is the reason for its popularity. The mechanics are based on the principle of explosion. The ratio tends from smaller to larger. After placing a bet, users watch the multiplier increase. Volatility and theoretical return do not affect the result. Winning depends on only one factor which is timely decision-making.

How to play JetX

There are two betting modes. They are manual and automatic. The minimum is 0.01 tokens. The maximum is 100. The monetary equivalent depends on the chosen currency of the game account. JetX Cbet casino only accepts real money, so it provides a wide range of bets. There is no demo version. From the first round, you will have to risk your own money.

Bets are placed before the plane takes off. Receiving money stops immediately after the flight starts. As the height increases, the multiplier increases. Its size is displayed on the monitor. After the explosion, the growth of the multiplier stops. Players lose wagered money. Accordingly, the aircraft must be stopped after takeoff.

How to play Jet X

Cbet JetX

When calculating the winnings, the bet is multiplied by the fixed coefficient. It is important for users to react in time. At the moment of waiting for the growth of the coefficient, exposure is manifested. The flight is stopped by pressing the corresponding button. You can watch the amounts of bets made by other participants. Thanks to this, users are preparing for action.

The popularity of the game depends on high motivation. Another interesting nuance is the possibility of receiving a large prize. You need to participate in the progressive jackpot draw. It runs automatically. The system itself determines the winner. It takes into account two parameters which are the sizes of multipliers and winnings. The minimum bet per round starts from 1 coin. Multipliers less than x1.4 are not taken into account.

Jet X Cbet

Actions are performed using the keys on the menu bar. There are auxiliary buttons in the upper right corner. They are used to adjust the sound volume. Under the main field, there are two columns for choosing the amount of the bet. Values are adjusted with plus and minus. In the right menu, you can watch other users’ rates.

Tips for winners in the JetX game

The game has a simple principle. When testing the JetX machine, it is difficult to use any strategies (except for financial ones). There are a few tips for minimizing player costs:

What is the first recommendation? Combine patience with a good budget. Do not miss plane flights. With the right approach, you can increase the bank over a long distance. It is important not to chase the possibility of getting big winnings.

Tips for winners in the JetX game

Cbet casino JetX

Making minimum bets is not the only recommendation. The flight of the aircraft stops at small coefficients. Then the loss will be covered by the cumulative gain. Small bets are an opportunity to minimize the risk of losing. When the multiplier reaches the average value, it is better to stop the game. Winning usually happens 2 times the bet.

It cannot be 100% guaranteed to users who follow the professionals’ advice. It just increases the chance of a successful outcome. The bank might be saved and increased. Winning big is hard.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the slot are the reason for its popularity among Cbet casino visitors. The main benefits include:

Advantages and disadvantages

JetX Cbet

For a small investment, you may get a big win. Users positively perceive the JetX slot. It is launched by beginners and professional players. Each of them speaks of shortcomings (subjectively). Casino visitors notice the absence of three important nuances:

The last disadvantage may be attributed to controversy. Professionals use sober and cold calculations. It might be compared to a strategy.

Slot machine: features of the JetX slot

There are two types of wins. To get the main one, you need to stop the plane in time. The second option is the progressive jackpot. Participants do not need to press certain keys and perform any actions. Winners are selected automatically by a special program. It takes into account two criteria which are the value of the multiplier and the rate.

Slot machine features of the JetX slot

Cbet Jet X

Jackpot holders are notified of a big win with the appropriate inscription. The main condition is to put forward the amount set. It should be equal to 1 coin (or be more). The cash equivalent depends on the currency of the game account. Odds from x1.4 are counted. If they are lower, users are not eligible for the progressive jackpot.

The stakes in each round may differ. There are no bonuses, so to get a win you need to rely only on the timely stop of the flight. Casino visitors spend personal money on bets. This is due to the lack of demo versions.

The slot machine in the online casino Cbet is launched on different media. In addition to the computer, there is a mobile version. It loads instantly on smartphones thanks to its simple interface. It is desirable to give the screen a horizontal shape. A stable internet connection is important. Otherwise, there is a risk of session interruption.


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