JetX Strategy

When playing the JetX slot, users make 1-2 bets. It is important to determine at what multiplier the plane will explode. The duration of the flight depends on the value of the coefficient. The bet per round is from 0.1 to 300 EUR. The liner can crash at the x1 multiplier (it increases indefinitely). There is no limit to flight altitude. The larger it is, the bigger the winnings are in case of luck.

How to play JetX strategy

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The task of users is to stop the game at the moment of the explosion. If the liner crashes, the wagered money goes to the casino fund. What does safety depend on? From quick cash out of the bet. Risky players wait until the last. They expect high odds.

During the round, from 100 to 1,000 people make bets at the same time. Some lose. Others are winning. The worldview of some changes under the influence of someone else’s choice. Users have two options for stopping the aircraft. The first is by hand. It is enough to quickly press the key at the moment whenever you want to.

The second is the activation of the automatic game. It is enough to use the slider. If all actions are performed correctly, the usual button is painted in a light green color. The flight stops at a certain multiplier size. If the liner crashes earlier, the money is transferred to the casino fund.

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Automatic withdrawal of funds

How to withdraw funds? Automatically or manually. In the first case, an average or high coefficient is indicated. It can be x20-x30. The possibility of manual withdrawal remains. The liner stops before falling.


Tips for JetX Players

Tips for JetX Players

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The described methods do not guarantee 100% receipt of funds. The goal is to minimize the house edge. Playing with financial strategy is better than random. In addition to blackjack, the recommendations are suitable for the JetX slot. There might be several profitable sessions in a row. But RTP is less than 100%. In the long run, most users lose.

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The Martingale system is a classic strategy. Gambling fans have been using it for decades. The first round starts with the minimum amount. After each random loss, it doubles. These actions are repeated until the win. Further, professionals advise starting from scratch. Previous costs paid off. Users are left with a plus.

Martingale system - classic strategy

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Winning is better to withdraw. An application for withdrawal of funds is being submitted. Its graphs differ in different virtual casinos. Some are pre-verified.

Two rates

A feature of the JetX slot machine is the ability to place two bets at once. The financial strategy is based on this moment:


Winning at the casino depends on luck. No strategy guarantees a 100% profit. This is about testing the JetX slot. There is a risk of a rapid takeoff of the aircraft. It can drop at an x1.01 multiplier. The wagered money is burned.

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Low odds bets

Placing a bet at the lowest odds is one of the most common financial tactics. It consists of the following:

High odds (x10) are excluded. This tactic allows you to get a small profit at the end of the session. The more bets, the better. The amounts are kept to a minimum. Funds on the main account will accumulate gradually. After that, the profit is withdrawn.


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